To add serveral column in sort sentence we should  add them in reverse order.

For example if we want to sort countries by continent_name and after that by name, it should look like in sql query like  … SORT BY continent_name ASC, name ASC

With Eloquent sort arguments should be added in reverse order: Country::all()->sortBy(‘name’)->sortBy(‘continent_name’);

I lost some time on that and decided to add it to post.


Two years ago I decided to buy new laptop, I choosed very carefully and I liked Acer P645 series laptop.

Acer are bulding cheap laptops I was thinking, but this is carbon fiber not cheap laptop with latest i7 Intel chipset and AMD video … So it can’t be sucks!

The laptop is realy thin, the screen is great, but there are some shits that I can’t accept after a year and a half of using.

  1. Who needs this keys at right? Yes, when I use it for three months or more I accustome it, but this is not usefull and not good keys placement
  2. The lid hinges are not very tight, if you close the lid more thank 60 degres it will fall down and close
  3. There is no support of Acer for Windows 10, there is no good drivers for the video and the laptop can’t be waked up after sleep mode and you will get blue or black screens of death
    1. There are a lot of topics and posts about it – there is one of them
    2. I wrote to acer support at every support channel (beleave me there are not many options) and there is no reaction for the problem (this is most expensive acer laptop, I don’t want to know what is the support for cheaper models)
    3. I spoke with AMD, because there are a lot of opinions that the problem is because of the AMD additional video card, but there is no result. AMD gave me some ideas how to fix it, but none of them helped.
    4. I tested all available drivers and combination between them and no result
    5. In fact the problem persist only for Win 8 and Win 10, if i downgrade to Win 7, everything is working great. (the laptop was selling with Win 8 pro and problem persist even on windows 8)
  4. Battery pack can’t be removed, I understand that may be this is for good, but it is not usfull for me
  5. Airflow sucks from the bottom of the chassis, I think this solutions is good only for cheap laptops. But when I spoke with sales consultants they assured me that there is no problem with overheating. Yes there is no problem with overheating but when I use the laptop the fan sound is like boeing 737 engine …

The laptop could be great if the problems above were fixed in some way. The sleep/driver problem and Acer’s inactivity are major problem which will cause that I will never buy or recommend Acer laptop anymore.

Sorry Acer, but I was waiting more than a year and was trying to find a way to speak with your support or representative to fix the issue. Now I will just buy another brand laptop!

Честито! 🙂

Може би имате сериозен проблем с mysql, който може да се степенува в скалата от 1 до 6, където 6 не е отлечен 🙂 а точно обратното. (ще стане ясно защо малко по-долу)

Наскоро се сблъсках точно с този проблем при стартирането на база данни с InnoDB таблици. При мен проблема се оказа в следствие с неточност при записването на логовете в “ib_logfile”. Проблема може да е в следсвие на неправилно спиране на сървъра или проблем с хард диска, или пък нещо различно, което е свързано с процеса за писане във файла като цяло. Аз лично смятам, че е заради принудително спиране на сървъра, тъй като проблема се яви на Development машина, която като цяло бива спирана от време на време по този начин.

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